• 1985 – Project Rachel began in the US, within the Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Vicki Thorn.
  • 1996 – Project Rachel was adopted and initiated in the Catholic Archdiocese of Halifax by Nova Scotians United for Life.
  • 2001 – We held our first support group and since then, have continuously offered support services. Project Rachel has over the years added both new facilitators and new program elements. We have always been open to the fact that it is the Lord who is in charge of His miraculous healing.
  • 2002 – Started the Healing Rock Garden Ministry.
  • 2008 – Started the Christmas “With my Angel at the Manger” Program.

The Healing Rock Garden Ministry offers an opportunity to celebrate our baby. Participants are invited in June, to St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Dartmouth, NS. At the Healing Rock Garden there, we paint or refresh our baby’s name on an individual rock and place these rocks in the garden, as a beautiful memorial to our baby.

The “With my Angel at the Manger” Program was started, after recognizing that the Christmas season can add to the loss of grieving family members, due to an abortion choice or loss through a miscarriage. The program offers participants the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with their dear departed child. We host this Christmas celebration at St. Theresa’s Church in Halifax.